About Us

Our Mission

The Boone Area Humane Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to the humane treatment of animals.

Our Vision

Following no kill principles we strive to educate the public and increase community involvement; rescue, rehabilitate and rehome animals; create a path to population control and be an example of excellence.


The Boone Area Humane Society was founded in 1977. We believe that because people domesticated animals, we have a responsibility to ensure their welfare. To ensure humane treatment, we respond to animal neglect and abuse calls, provide animal control for the Boone area, operate an animal shelter for lost, found and unwanted pets and provide humane education.

We provide animal control services for Boone County and the cities and towns within. We also provide a safe place for people to bring in their unwanted pets. “Unwanted pets” come to the shelter for a variety of reasons. Some owners have exhausted their efforts to find homes for litters. Some owners may need our help due to health problems or when relocating. Some pets are abandoned. We ask for a nominal fee when relinquishing your pet to us. This is to help cover the cost of care- food, vaccinations, medical assessment, loving care, etc. while they are in our facility.

We have a volunteer program and an orientation once a month for those who are interested in giving a little of the free time to the homeless animals. We also take donations of money, and high-quality food.

Please come in and see our adoptable animals today!

Check out our Meow Mayor in Boone posts on our Facebook page to keep updated on the happenings at the shelter.

Our Numbers

Board of Directors

Marti Streeter


Kim Meek

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Kim Adams


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