Barn Cat Program

Got Mice?

Boone area Humane Society Rodent Rangers can help you take care of those pesky little problems for you! They provide an organic pest control in exchange for a safe living and working environment. These feral and semi-feral cats are happiest living outdoors and just need a place to call home! Rodent Randers are spayed/neutered, vaccinated and have received a general health exam.

How the Rodent Ranger Program Works

You must be able to provide a safe environment with shelter, food, and water and be willing to “imprint” the cat(s) for 3-4 weeks before releasing them. The Rodent Ranger Program Coordinator will work with you to ensure a smooth transition for both you and your Rodent Rangers. (Cages are available for loan if you don’t have a secure area for imprinting.)

The first step is to fill out a Working Cat Adoption Survey. You will be contacted by the Working Cat Program Coordinator to discuss your needs and possible solutions. If there are currently no suitable matches, you will be placed on the wait list and contacted as soon as a match becomes available.

The Working Cats are free to adopt but donations are greatly appreciated to help keep the program running.

All of our working cats have been given the Rabies and Distemper vaccinations, they have also been spayed/neutered, ear tipped, and microchipped.

They require adequate shelter, and daily food and water. When moving to a new outdoor home, the must be confined to a space for at least 3 weeks prior to release. This will help them acclimate and will establish that under your care they receive food, water, and shelter.

Working Cat Survey